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Spring 2020


Total Duration: 1 hr

05:00pm - 6:00pm

Children Classes


"Learning from a renowned artist has been a great experience for us."  

                       -Ariana and Jaime L.

This is a group class for children from the age of 6 interested in learning about art. Each child chooses a theme or a subject the wish to learn to draw and paint.


During the semester all of the semester the "Wish List"  becomes a reality- through integrated learning which includes demonstrations, art history, exercises, and individual help. 

At the end of the semester child expected to have knowledge and experience in drawing,  painting and composition, which will include works from nature, photographs, reproduction of fine art masters, and their own imagination! Each student will complete the work in the allotted classes period. 


At the end of the winter semester each student will participate in the annual Student Art Show and Sale